Taking things to ground level, meet South African graffiti artist Mak1one for a street art walking tour, talking about South African history, art and street art while learning about the work of the street artists of Cape Town.

Cape Town is home to some of the world’s best and brightest street artists, from the colourful works of Faith47 to the large-scale murals of Freddysam. Like many artistic movements, the street art scene in Cape Town began as a political protest. As opposition grew against the apartheid regime, increasingly angry and emotional paintings appeared on the walls of Cape Town’s notorious District Six.

Images of famous faces such as Nelson Mandela or Steve Biko were often accompanied by messages relating to human rights and freedom.

Mak1one has been involved in graffiti art for over twenty years. Having personally experienced the power of graffiti to change lives, this self-taught artist is committed to using his work to inform and challenge opinion on the one hand, and to inspire people to pursue their dreams and talents on the other.

He has worked extensively as a mural artist in South Africa and abroad. He has collaborated on mural projects in Greece, Germany, Belgium and the US and has presented two solo exhibitions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. He is a serious and conscious artist with cutting edge concepts and ideas about the potential of graffiti as an art form.

Born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town in the 1970s meant (and for many, still means) living a life where putting food on the table was a daily battle, poverty was rife and choices were limited. Discovering the expressive medium of graffiti art in the late 1980’s was a liberating and pivotal moment for him. It empowered him to express who he was and what he was thinking.