Robin Kutinyu has been surrounded by art his entire life. His father was an acclaimed sculptor who specialised in wildlife and also painted in oils in Zimbabwe. Robin first started at the age of five, finishing his fathers’ pieces and subsequently honing his own skills, selling his first collection of birds and turtles at the tender age of ten. Since then, he has been completely absorbed by animals, the human form and movement and anatomy of animals and people.

He tries to capture the essence of his subjects be it an animal, or immortalising a moment, look or feel of what is happening. His work is about the soul of his subject, not just the outer form which he works to perfection. He takes inspiration from various places with the sculpture often developing from an idea that forms in his mind.

Robin often works in the silence of the desert, where sculptures start taking shape, getting their first overall expression. Moving stones that weigh several tonnes is a refreshing exercise to him. The tension between raw material and finished pieces keep him exited as he works through the various processes of creation.

Studying masters like Donatello, Bernini and Rodin has taught him a lot about the different forms the human body can be presented in. To choose the right expression and media for an idea is the task that sets his work apart. Robin’s favourite stones are; granite, for its multiple texture finishing qualities, marble for its classic association with sculptures, Bowenite, Potoro Leonardo and Jasper stone for the contrasting texture between polished and unpolished.

He has private collectors in the USA, Germany, England, Australia, Switzerland and a small but growing number in South Africa, one of the highlights being two life size tigers commissioned by the mother of an international sports figure. Robin has held personal exhibitions at the Afridesia Gallery, Red Bank, New Jersey and an art promotional exhibition at the Spanish ambassador, Cape Town’s residence.